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Our History

Team of handbell ringers formed in March 2003.
In Sept 2003 we were presented with an ‘Awards for All’ grant and purchased a 2-octave set of Whitechapel Bells.
A Chromatic set of 12 hand-chimes was added to our portfolio in 2004.
Upon receipt of a further grant, we were able to add a further octave of bells to our range and we now play a 3 -octave set (36 bells).
This expansion allows us to play a wider range of music - from classics to pops.

The Team 

Currently we have 10 Handbell Ringers, playing a total of 36 bells.
In addition, we play a set of hand-chimes, which adds a lovely soft and distinctive tone to the music.

The group practice once a week, on Wednesday evenings, under the tutorledge of our resident conductor, Thelma Crossley. 


We perform at many  different types of f unctions,  i ncluding, concerts, church  s ervices,  weddings, carol services and social events. If you are interested and would like to discuss the possibility of us playing at your event please contact us 



New Members


If you are interested in joining the Handbell Ringers or would like more information
please contact us