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This Girl Can in Hampstead Norreys

Read more and watch the campaign video here – www.thisgirlcan.co.uk.


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Badminton – a NEW ladies badminton session is starting at the weekends at Hampstead Norreys Village Hall.


Email thisgirlcanhn@yahoo.co.uk for more info. 

Click to watch highlights of the This Girl Can Festival held in Hampstead Norreys on 12 September 2015.





Why do we need ‘This Girl Can’?


In a recent village survey, less than 50% of girls aged 12-15 are confident about their physical appearance. Nationally, 31% of 14 year old girls exercise regularly compared to 50% of boys the same age – key reasons are low confidence and self esteem which often continues into adulthood.


Low confidence and self esteem in young women is often an echo that reflects the beauty and body confidence of their mother. 28% of women will suffer from a mental health issue at some point in their life. Low confidence and self esteem are contributing factors.


Being active without judgment helps build confidence and self-esteem. It also helps those living with and recovering from mental health issues.


This Girl Can is a national campaign launched in 2015 by Sport England to encourage more girls of all ages to be active without judgment. Get Berkshire Active is promoting and supporting the campaign at a very local level and awarded a grant for Hampstead Norreys village to deliver a This Girl Can Festival.


The inspiring This Girl Can Festival that took place in September 2015 reached more than 100 girls aged 4-73, 81 of whom were from Hampstead Norreys village. Afterwards, some of the festival organising team met to dream about continuing to inspire our daughters, our neighbours daughters and each other to be more active, hopefully changing the echo of beauty confidence from mothers to daughters and building the confidence and self-esteem of local girls of all ages.


Inspiring and encouraging confidence and self-esteem through being active without judgment will continue to be the core message of local activities/events organised under the ‘This Girl Can’ banner.


As an event for girls/women only, the festival also highlighted the significance of women socialising together, creating together and supporting each other to realise the same objective. So activities that are not specifically focused on being active may also be organised to inspire and encourage girls and women, to promote relationships and wellbeing as individuals and a community. There was also a desire to inspire other communities to think about This Girl Can in their own setting by sharing what we’re doing in Hampstead Norreys and to arrange activities suitable for all the family to enjoy together. Look out for spin-off events from the This Girl Festival that women of all ages can take part in.